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Website developer intern Adam Jeanquart

Website Developer Intern Joins Packerlands’ team

Adam Jeanquart is expanding his knowledge of website development as a summer intern with Packerland Websites. “I hope to learn ...
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Upgraded website for volunteer center

5 Big Changes for Prize Winning, Upgraded Website

It feels good to lend a helping hand - just ask the thousands of volunteers in Brown County. Likewise, it ...
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Brand your company with Zoom

Re-Zoom Your Brand

As the COVID-19 pandemic shifts work online, Zoom and other video conferencing platforms are becoming the new office. Social Distancing ...
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social distance during COVID-19 andCoronavirus

Why Social Distancing is Bad – Seriously

My husband, Bill, the owner of Packerland Websites, never liked the term Social Distancing. He thinks it should be called ...
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Coronavirus  = Business as Unusual

Coronavirus = Business as Unusual

At Packerland Websites, we received calls and emails from churches, restaurants, and businesses asking us to add notices to their ...
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SEO Wheel for Website Ranking

How long until my website ranks?

I often get asked the question: How long does it take for my website to rank on a search result ...
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Packerland Websites Dynamic Designs

Packerland Websites Partners with Dynamic Designs

Packerland Websites and Dynamic Designs Unlimited have forged a new partnership, as of Jan. 1, 2020. Local businesses, municipalities, and ...
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SEO Search Engine Optimization Strategies

SEO Strategies That Work

Have you thought about your website lately? Too many people build a website and forget about it. As a result, ...
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Basic Website Elements

3 Basic Website Elements You Shouldn’t Overlook

To accomplish everything you want for a new or rebuilt website you need a bold strategy and an expert guide ...
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Advanced Paragraph Plugin by Packerland Websites

Advanced Paragraph Plugin by Packerland Websites

Packerland Websites is excited to introduce a custom WordPress plugin that makes it easier to hyperlink files and edit content ...
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