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Packerland Websites - 10 Years of Techy Tenacity

Packerland Websites – 10 Years of Techy Tenacity

Packerland Websites celebrates its 10-year anniversary this month! What started as a single owner/operator in the basement of our home ...
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Website Tutorial Video

Website Tutorial Video – Easily Manage Your Website

Businesses and nonprofits are in a constant state of flux. They add services, introduce new products, change personnel, and open ...
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domain name scams

Domain Name Scams: How to Recognize & Avoid Them

Recently, several businesses called to ask about the urgent domain notification emails they received. A typical subject line was: “This ...
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Website Hacking: Update Your Cybersecurity

One night I received a string of email alerts notifying me of a hacking attempt against a client’s website. Again ...
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ecommerce sale on phone

Why build an ecommerce website?

My first Christmas present of the year arrived on my front porch today. I’m Bill Koehne, owner of Packerland Websites ...
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400 website milestone

Packerland Websites Hits 400-Website Milestone

Packerland Websites hit a new milestone in October– 400 website clients! Bill Koehne and his team appreciate working with each ...
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business quiz question and answer

Kickstart your Marketing with a Business Quiz

People love taking quizzes. We want to know how we score on all sorts of topics, like How strong is ...
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website quiz

How Well Does Your Website Score with Clients? Take the Quiz

Packerland Websites created this handy tool to determine the effectiveness of your website. Take a few moments to answer these ...
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woman holding money from virtual fundraising

Virtual Fundraising Services Proven to Make Money

Is your nonprofit organization gearing up for an end-of-the year fundraising campaign? The Coronavirus has changed the way nonprofits conduct ...
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online nonprofit fundraiser planning

COVID-19 Guide to Virtual Nonprofit Fundraisers

No doubt, economic times are tough due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonprofit organizations that rely on in-person fundraisers are especially ...
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