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humane powered chat

Human-Powered Chat is Sales Funnel

My wife and I bottled about 80 bottles of wine in November- grape, cranberry, and blackberry. Winemaking is one of ...
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Facebook marketing

Should Businesses Stop Posting on Facebook?

Having second thoughts about social media marketing? The whistleblower’s testimony on Capitol Hill may have you reevaluating Facebook as a ...
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Police talking on cellphone about cyberattack

Cyberattack Targets Server Bank

Halloween 2021 generated a trick – instead of a treat - for the Packerland Websites team and some of our ...
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Google rank

How to Inspire Google to Rank your Business

Click here to scan your business The strategy of “build it and they will come” doesn’t work in Google's world ...
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technician photo for a manufacturer website

Manufacturer’s Exclusive: Get More from Your Websites

Who knew the variety of businesses that needed websites? In addition to landscapers, home builders, municipalities and nonprofit organizations, we’ve ...
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dentists benefit from professional bios

Do professional bios belong on websites?

My dentist is at the stage in life when he works less. He’s easing out of the dental practice, and ...
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Job recruiting by LeTourneau Plastics

6 Tips: Recruit Workers Via Your Website

A commercial contractor I spoke with recently said he didn’t need a website. What he needed were more employees! In ...
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busy businessman needs a new website

Crazy Busy? Now’s the Time for a New Website

Today’s small business owners are swamped. We hear it all the time, “I’m too busy to design a new website.” ...
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Microsoft server

Server Issue: Website not showing up at work?

So, you just built a great looking, brand-new website, but you can’t view it when you are at work. What's ...
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target audience

Target Audience: Websites that Hit the Bullseye

A website is much more than just a brochure on the internet. Instead, it’s a complex tool that leads a ...
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