There may be times just like on the Packerland Website when links are displayed separately in neighborhoods; like the main site links, the product offering links and the educational links.

A clear flowchart order will give you more accurate pricing. It is also the beginning of your website's marketing strategy.

Note: The flow chart will also help to layout any needs such as creating news engines with RSS feeds, employment application pages, customer satisfaction survey pages and content management requirements.

2. Determine how much content, in text format and images that you will supply or need to be created.
We are happy to provide writing and editing services as well as images (with authorized copyrights). However, they are not free. We can offer many tips and strategies to make this process easier.

Please note: All text is double checked to confirm that it is unique content and not copyrighted. Don't get yourself in trouble copying someone else's property.

3. Domain Name Registration and Hosting.
Your domain name is both your address and piece of website real estate. We'll aid you in getting the best one. We can register it for you, but prefer that you have everything in your name. After all, it is your piece of real estate and it costs only around $10 a year!

Many companies, especially yellow pages offer services that do this. When it happens, it can be quite a chore to get the name released. Even worse are the website builders who buy your website domain name and then hold it hostage demanding you build with them or charging big bucks. We hold ourselves to very high business and website ethics and help to make sure you stay protected also.

Check with us before you purchase any hosting packages. Although we have some of the industry's lowest rates, we often toss in FREE hosting for the first year that your website goes live!

4. Complete and sign our website contract with a 25% deposit.
We accept payment by check and all major credit cards, through PayPal. We will then submit our layout ideas to give you a suggested look to your site. One of our secrets is to do this in black and white to help you focus on layout before getting hung up on color coordination. The entire process up to now is built upon a business design model for websites. This is where business experience gets combined with website building.

5. Design and development.
As we build your site, we will be hosting it on a separate no-follow domain name so you can see its progress. Even if you are not from Green Bay, Wisconsin or the United States, you can be involved the entire time. It will be as if you are next door. Near completion, we will finalize quality levels of on-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to the pages using but not limited to high and latent keyword usage, meta tag word development and relevant site maps that search engines love to look for.

We will also offer to setup free analytics and can provide training on how to use the data in order to determine the type and quality of traffic to your site. A smart business person will not only have goals, but a way to measure how well they are being met.

6. Publishing Time!
Once we reach final approval and received payment the site goes live! We will make sure that your site is submitted to the major search engines, test check links, contact forms and any other special widgets we may have embedded in the site.

7. (Optional) SEO OPTIONS.
We have a great arsenal of off page SEO strategies and tactics that will aid your website and get pages to come up sooner and higher on search engines. This may include registering web search engine maps, legitimate back links, article submissions, directory submissions and more. All SEO are white hat techniques as we are the good guys and would not want to tick off the search engines and be penalized.

8. (Optional) Pay Per Click Advertising.
We have accounts setup through Google adwords, Yahoo and Facebook in which we can create PPC strategies to organize and budget website marketing campaigns that help drive more traffic to your site. We will work to set up budgets and determine your customer's demographics so that your dollars are used most effectively.

9. (Optional) Packerland Website Maintenance.
This service allows us to make periodic updates to your website in order to keep your site current. Adding or updating a page, changing an about us profile, or posting new photos are all examples of typical website maintenance.

Although, we do offer some content management tools with your website, sometimes people like to have a bit more control. We can give you a complete set of keys to your website design as well as offer training.

Ok, there you have it! A relative and painless plan mapped out. The best time to get started is now. Isn't it time for you to claim your piece of Internet real estate today and get noticed more than ever before?

Website Building Strategy

The journey in building a website does not have to be long, scary or difficult. Hiring a guide or a website designer can make all the difference. Let's step back and map out a simple and effective game plan to make you and your site a winner.

You already completed the first step by coming to Packerland Websites, where we bring both expertise and a business attitude to the table. So let's move on to step 2!

1. Completed!

2. Determine (preferably in writing) your website's goal.
Be a little more specific than, "sell stuff." Usually, you are the one doing the selling and it is the purpose of the website that gets people to either call, email or come to your door.

3. Make a list of goals and what you want your website to do.
What products and services do you want to offer? Can some be grouped together under a single topic? Can some of them be grouped together on a single page?

4. Determine if you want your exact physical location advertised.

5. Determine what method of contact you want.

6. Contact Us!
You now have enough basic information for us to give you and rough idea of website and to get the ball rolling.

Now comes the exciting part!

1. We will create a flowchart layout of the site.
You may be asking, "What? No templates or computer layouts?" Remember we are approaching your website design from a business base and a good foundation needs to be determined first. Many designers will rush into the building stage without a blueprint. Although the end results may appear to look good, the effectiveness of the site is lost.

We start with a basic flow chart. Exactly what pages do we want or more importantly need? "Home" is the obvious landing page and the next two most common pages are "About Us" and "Contact Us". In fact, the About Us page is usually the most visited page on your site. The contact page is the difference of having a visitor and getting the visitor to you.

A good website flow chart will help determine which pages may be combined or grouped together. It may even make sense to eliminate some pages. You want people to easily get to your website, easily see what you are promoting and easily contact you.

Having too many buttons can complicate a website. Thus, drop down menus and other techniques keep your site fresh, attractive and easy to navigate.