What do I need in order to set up a website?
The primary elements are a domain name (YourChosenName.com). HTML website pages are a fancy way to say your site can be uploaded; and webhosting, which is basically a computer called a server that your html website sits on. Thus, when someone calls on your name, they will find the hosting computer which will send them your website information.

Do I need SEO, Search Engine Optimization?
Search Engine Optimization is not really an option to skip, unless you are purposely trying to keep your website hidden from public. There is both on and off page optimization that should be considered. This is necessary to help obtain organic (free) traffic and make it easier for your visitors to find you.

How long does it take to build a website?
The average amount of time is 2-6 weeks and depends upon the requirements of the site. Much depends upon how fast you get all your information to us. In extreme circumstances it can be done faster depending upon schedule.

How much does a domain name cost?
A domain name is your piece of Internet real estate. You will pay an annual fee of about $12-$20 per year. You can register for multiple years. Some say this helps a bit with SEO. We will be happy to assist you in making a good choice.

How much does hosting cost?
Hosting will vary depending upon the package you choose. It can range from $10 to $30 per month. Our most common package is $15.00 a month, which includes minor maintenance to your website. We will help choose the best package to meet your needs. Many of our website quotes include your first year of hosting free!

What if I already have my domain name and/or hosting?
We certainly can work with your domain name and hosting. We are more proficient at working with name and hosting which we provide, since that is a service we offer. We do not charge anything additional if you already have your domain name and hosting; however, you become more responsible for having the proper settings in place with your provider. For about $10 you can transfer your name to Packerland Websites and at the same time get an additional year added to your domain name for doing the transfer.

How much information do I need to supply?
It depends. You website project will be more affordable if you provide permission ready text and images that we can use to build your site. We do offer photography as well as writing and editing services for a fee. We can give you tips on the easiest way to submit your information for use on your website.

What is website maintenance?
Website Maintenance is when you need to do some updates, additions or subtractions to your site. This could include biographies, personnel change, address change or maybe even menu changes. We can offer some content management systems that are free to use after your site is built, if we know about it ahead of time. Other options include software purchase which will give you total site control or you can contract with Packerland Websites directly.

What payment options are available?
Typically we require 25% down to get going. Most people prefer checks. We also can receive payments through most major credit cards through PayPal.

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