Wikipedia gives a good review of web colors

Wikipedia gives a list of colors to choose from

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When selecting colors with your website designer. A great resource is Wikipedia which gives many colors and their RGB color codes. Use the following links to make sure you and your designer are on the same page.
website color example
Here is a great example of how you can either draw colors out of a photo to be used as primary site colors or to actually grab elements from the photo and use as Headers,footers and sidebars.
When selecting colors with your website designer, a great resource is Wikipedia which gives many colors and their RGB color codes.

Colors affect our primary sense of vision and therefore can stir different feelings within a visitor. The culture in which someone lives in and their personal experiences will impact how they may mentally interpret a particular color.

An absolute statement on what impression a particular color makes is impossible. However, if understand some of the concepts of our western culture it will help us to see how varying a color and combining with others will create different moods and impacts.

Here is a chart that shows different connotations often associated with different colors.
Color          Positive                          Negative
Clean, innocent, pure  
Strong, brave, passionate  
Happy, friendly, optimistic    
Warm, earthy, mature          
Natural, tranquil, relaxing
Strong, trustworthy, authoritative
Cold, empty, sterile
Dangerous, aggressive, domineering
Cowardly, annoying, brash
Dirty, sad, cheap
Jealous, inexperienced, greedy
Cold, depressing, gloomy

These are not absolutes. Check out sites similar to the one you want to have built and see which color gives you a feeling that you would like to instill in visitors to your site. Although your site will be unique in its own way, it will help to give you some ideas.

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