A bachelors degree in business administration with emphasis in marketing and management gives me a unique perspective in making your website more effective and obtaining your goals. Business people understand that they need a return on investment. They also know the purpose of a website is to do more than just hang a name plate out on the internet. A solid return on investment and web results are our goal.

Today, people expect you to have a website as much as having a business card. But, why stop there? A website can give so much more information and detail than most other advertising mediums. Plus it is running live nearly all the time. With a good marketing strategy, traffic will come to your website seeking you out. Better yet, your website will bring people right to you as a marketing doorway!

So, whether it is having a mini site, personal site or full blown business website, you are at the right place! We have a web solution that we can tailor fit for you.

About Bill

I built my first website in 1999 when creating a marketing plan that would make me unique and stay on the cutting edge of technology. Now websites are common place, but having one that work for you and to accomplish specific goals you need more than someone who just does it "on-the-side".

Besides years of building which gives me a huge advantage over many other site developers, this is my full-time job and I truly enjoy it.

I chose the name Packerland Websites, given the dominant influence of the Green Bay Packers within the local culture and its winning tradition. I would like to build you a winning website.